Has Microsoft quietly killed off Windows 10 Mobile?

Has Microsoft quietly killed off Windows 10 Mobile?

Has Microsoft quietly killed off Windows 10 Mobile?

If you try and run anything other than this sort of app on Windows 10 in the cloud and you get an error stating the software isn't supported on that version of Windows.

According to company's policy, Windows 10 is mandatory for Intel 7-generation processors, AMD Bristol Ridge, and Qualcomm 8996, so systems running Windows 7 or 8.1 no longer receive updates. Windows 10 Cloud could be the Microsoft's weapon to conquer the ARM territory which is mostly in the hands Android and Chrome OS.

The base model retailed for $600 with a keyboard cover and $500 without one, but Microsoft had to slash the price of each version of the inaugural Surface by $150, before the write-down.

While Microsoft has been quiet about the Surface Phone, rumors are circulating that the device will still be announced before the year ends and will be released into the market by 2018. With an embarrassing low market share, what else can Microsoft do? If the firm succeeds with Universal Window Apps on its Windows 10 Cloud OS, it would be in a much better position to port apps over to the Surface Phone. Design wise, that's quite disappointing, but the Surface Book 2 will be cheaper starting at $1,000. This is exactly what rumors suggest is happening to the Surface Book. It also brings some of the top features users may not have been looking for, but would most appreciate.

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I think it can, ask the average 2-in-1 user how often they actually use the device in tablet mode and my bet is rarely or never is the answer you get. The company won't likely have a big event when it finally reveals the 2-in-1 hybrid device.

If you haven't bought a Surface Pro 4, now is the time considering that the tablet is available at massive discounts. Till then, let's wait for May 2 event.

In any case, Windows 10 in the cloud should be installed on whatever device that is going to be unveiled at the event. And last fall the company made a convincing play for creators with its impressive-and expensive-Surface Studio all-in-one PC. Indeed, you probably already all know the truth: Windows Phone has slowly become irrelevant since Microsoft scaled back its mobile efforts following the release of the Lumia 950 and 950XL, and its market share has decreased significantly past year. OneCore is a set of APIs (application programming interfaces) and DDIs (device driver interfaces) that allow developers to target multiple Windows devices-spanning desktops, mobile and IoT hardware-with the same code.

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