NASA providing 1st live 360-degree view of rocket launch

NASA providing 1st live 360-degree view of rocket launch

NASA providing 1st live 360-degree view of rocket launch

The broadcast of the launch is in coordination with United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Orbital ATK.

The barrel-shaped Cygnus spacecraft, nestled atop a white Atlas V rocket, soared into the blue sky over Cape Canaveral, Florida at 11:11 am (1511 GMT).

The Orbital ATK robotic Cygnus cargo spacecraft is scheduled to launch toward the International Space Station from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. An unmanned Atlas rocket provided Tuesday's lift, just as it did for Glenn's space journey 55 years ago.

The mission will deliver cargo to the International Space Station (ISS).

The 360-degree live stream will be broadcast on NASA Television's YouTube channel starting ten minutes before the scheduled 11:11 a.m. EDT launch at

Roscosmos is set to launch new crew members, Fyodor Yurchikhin and NASA astronaut Jack Fischeron, on April 20 to the Space Station.

After the astronauts unpack the Cygnus, they will reload it with trash that will burn up along with the spacecraft upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

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However, given that the Cygnus spacecraft and its cargo was only 15,928 pounds (7,225 kilograms) going to low-Earth orbit, the vehicle was more than up to the task.

Known as Saffire-III, the experiment is the third in a series aimed at igniting a large-scale fire in microgravity.

For the first time, cameras will provide live 360-degree video of a rocket heading toward space. "This is the first time that this has ever been attempted and. we will review today's 360º setup and endeavor to bring this new perspective of a rocket launch to everyone in the future".

There will be lots of ways to watch the launch, but if you have a virtual reality headset, you can look around the launch pad as if you were standing on it.

The Cygnus cargo ship is the seventh of 10 planned missions through 2018 under Orbital's space station resupply contract with NASA, worth up to $3.1 billion.

"The S.S. John Glenn is dedicated to his legacy as a lifelong pioneer of human spaceflight who paved the way for America's space program".

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