Trump suggests Susan Rice might have committed crime

Trump suggests Susan Rice might have committed crime

Trump suggests Susan Rice might have committed crime

Allies of Trump are suggesting that her actions prove the president's unsubstantiated claims from a month ago that he was wiretapped at Trump Tower by the Obama administration. "It is one of the big stories of our time".

Susan Rice, who was among former President Barack Obama's top aides, can not be trusted.

The folks at CNN and MSNBC are working overtime to splash cold water all over the startling disclosure that President Barack Obama's national-security adviser, Susan Rice, was behind the "unmasking" of Trumpites in transcripts of calls with Russian officials.

The names of USA citizens "incidentally" mentioned in NSA reports are masked to preserve their identities because America's intelligence agencies are barred from spying on American citizens except in extraordinary circumstances with court approval.

When a name is unmasked it is only provided to the official who requested it, and therefore unmasking is not equivalent to leaking the name.

In a New York Times interview published Wednesday afternoon, Trump again accused someone of a crime, citing zero evidence.

"It certainly looks like she may have", Trump said, shortly after his joint press conference with Jordan's King Abdullah II at the White House. "Yes, I think." But he declined to provide evidence.

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But Trump has now parroted the claim that Rice may have acted illegally, commenting on the issue in an April 5 interview with The New York Times. Cernovich's post was amplified by fringe "alt-right" outlets, conservative media, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, and the president's son Donald Trump Jr. Last month, he accused Obama of wiretapping his NY skyscraper and later said Obama had spied on his campaign. That was a baseless allegation that was then and to this has has been supported by zero evidence. Former National Security Director Michael Hayden said it was "absolutely lawful".

"Let's ask [Susan Rice] why she was opening up all of the conversations with Trump transition figures", Paul said.

Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., a member of the committee, told CNN that Rice is on the witness list. A congressional aide said there were more than a dozen people on the witness list.

Rice asked for the identities of those Americans picked up during surveillance of foreign nationals when it was deemed important context for national security, and she did not ask that the information be disseminated broadly, according to this former official.

She made clear that the intelligence community would authorize the actual unmasking once it was requested. And in doing so, Trump mused on Wednesday, she might have committed a crime.

Trump did not repeat his claim at a White House news conference shortly after the Times interview.

A Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee told Fox News that the intelligence reports in which some of President Donald Trump's associates were "unmasked" contained detailed information about the associates' everyday lives.

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