Australia scraps visa for skilled foreign workers

Australia scraps visa for skilled foreign workers

Australia scraps visa for skilled foreign workers

In the past year, 95,758 foreign workers were employed in Australia through the 457 visa programme.

The government is scrapping the 457 visa program for temporary foreign workers and replacing it with new two-year and four-year visas.

"However, it should be recognised that the 457 Visa programme has worked as intended".

Australia's Prime Minister, Malcom Turnbull, [official website] announced [video] Tuesday that the country will be introducing stricter visa requirements for skilled foreign workers.

"We are putting jobs first, we are putting Australians first", he said.

Majority of the beneficiaries under the 457 scheme are from India, which accounts for almost a quarter of the visa holders.

In a survey, more than 70% of the 457 visa holders said they planned to apply for permanent citizenship.

According to the Australian government, for example, most of the Indians who migrated in 2014-15 did so under the 457 program.

The Centre is looking into "consequences" of Australia's decision to curb its 457 work visa policy, used by over 95,000 foreign workers - majority Indians.

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The order also asks federal agencies to look at how to get rid of loopholes in the government procurement process. His businesses also have hired foreign workers, including at his Palm Beach, Fla., club.

She added that the ongoing success requires constant calibration to ensure best outcomes for Australians and temporary skilled workers alike.

"As the 457 visa is valid till its expiry, its holders can stay and work in Australia although under a restricted occupation list category", it said.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to review a temporary visa programme used to place foreign workers in high-skilled US jobs.

The new visa will include mandatory criminal checks and tighter English language requirements.

Turnbull also announced the establishment of a new training fund to help Australians fill skills gaps that now exist in the country.

Instead of the 457 visas, a new temporary visa will be implemented which will be specifically created to "recruit the best and brightest" in their fields to target particular skill shortages in Australian industries.

The government allows 85,000 immigrants each year through the H-1B visa programme, which is reserved for foreign nationals in "specialty occupations" and is largely used by the technology industry.

The old visa policy will now be replaced with a new one with a set of restrictions to ensure that there is no shortage of jobs for Australian workers.

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