Bixby can be run on older Samsung smartphones but unofficially

Bixby can be run on older Samsung smartphones but unofficially

Bixby can be run on older Samsung smartphones but unofficially

If that's the case, we suggest Samsung advertise the facial recognition function as a secondary method for dual or multi-factor verification, rather than an alternative to more secure practices. People hoped, however, that Samsung had managed to improve on the feature. Reportedly, it's works very smoothly and is actually faster than a traditional fingerprint authentication system. It took a little longer than normal for the S8 to register the photo, but it worked.

Smartphone users in Australia will have to wait for Bixby, the feature of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 that could decide the handset and its maker's fate. Both of these screens are departures from the more traditional 16:9 phone (and TV) screens.

The South Korean phone maker issued a statement explaining that the feature was created to be "a convenient action to open your phone, similar to the swipe-to-unlock action", but not as secure as its other methods. Majority of the retailers have priced the handsets at USD750 for S8 and USD850 for S8 Plus, with the exception of Verizon and Best Buy. By holding that picture up to the front-facing camera, they were able to authenticate the phone's facial recognition and unlock the device. It's so accurate that it can even tell identical twins apart.

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A video posted by blogger MarcianoTech, in which he uses a pre-release version of the S8, shows the phone being unlocked using a photo (at the 1:09 mark). However it will only read your fingerprint and you won't have to press it.

While the S8's facial recognition might not be particularly secure, it's not the phone's only biometric security measure. The front camera's sensor comes with a face-scanning feature that will unlock the device once it recognizes the owner's face.

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