Clinton apologised to Obama on election night: Book

Clinton apologised to Obama on election night: Book

Clinton apologised to Obama on election night: Book

According to the Journal's review by Barton Swaim, the book's authors suggest that this chaos resulted from "the fact that Mrs. Clinton didn't know why she wanted to be president".

After Clinton called Trump to concede the election, she called then-President Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton has attributed her epic loss in November to a handful of reasons including WikiLeaks, misogyny and FBI Director James Comey.

A new book detailing the dramatic final hours of the Clinton campaign describes how "Obama's legacy and her dreams of the presidency lay shattered at Donald Trump's feet".

In "Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign", which was released Tuesday and is the first dissection of Clinton's unsuccessful campaign, authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes write about Clinton's long awaited first national television interview, which I conducted in July 2015, nearly three months after Clinton got into the race.

A book that is supposed to give us an inside look at Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign might ironically end up being more notable, despite its intentions, for its revelations about just how biased mainstream media reporters of that same campaign were.

"You need to concede", he said.

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Meanwhile, the witch, who talks to the dead and lies to the living, still hovers over the White House, Mr. Earl, where she will use anybody-even you-to have Trump removed from office with the devil's lie that he is "unfit". "So she calls up Donald Trump and she says those words she never thought she was going to have to say, 'Congratulations, Donald, '" Allen said. Could she hit the right notes?-the effect was the same. The venue was Hillary's preferred location for kicking off the campaign, and she hoped to deliver a speech there that would echo through history like Roosevelt's. "America can't succeed unless you succeed", she offered in a trite tautology. On Sunday, July 5, Palmieri called me to tell me it was an interview and I was going to do it.

Soon after, President Barack Obama personally phoned her and told her there was no coming back and she had to concede. "She's on a plane with one of her close aides and she's basically questioning, 'What is happening in the country?' She doesn't quite understand it", Parnes said.

As Hillary thumbed through the pages, the speech struck her as tone-deaf. He thinks the old-style politics of Bill Clinton are relics of a bygone time. The staffers had no idea she'd read their e-mails. She tried to change the decor but the architecture was mostly the same. That's their job. I have done it. Despite her own misgivings, the authors say Clinton refused to fire him. "That was my last race". And we know how the Clintons responded, at the moment when the country told them: No more. We learn that Bill Clinton did not believe she should apologize, as neither he nor she felt there had been any wrongdoing.

"It's just like Brexit", he reportedly said as he realized that his wife's White House ambition was over.

In one of the margins, she had drawn a circle with a cross beneath it-the symbol for women. He wanted her to burn the earth that Orange Satan walked on.

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