Facebook killer takes his own life as police close in

Facebook killer takes his own life as police close in

Facebook killer takes his own life as police close in

This undated photo provided by the Cleveland Police shows Steve Stephens.

Williams said police have spoken to the woman, and she is safe and cooperating with the investigation.

A nationwide manhunt had been underway since Sunday, when Stephens shot and killed Robert Godwin Sr.

Police say a man suspected of randomly shooting a grandfather on an OH street and posting video of the killing to Facebook has taken his own life.

Stephens filmed and then posted the video of the attack to Facebook, but was found dead in his auto on Tuesday.

The worker, who recognized Stephens as the wanted Cleveland Facebook killer, is credited with stalling him at the drive-thru window Tuesday so authorities could have extra response time.

(AP Photo/James H. Collins, File). Steve Stephens had posted a video of the crime on Facebook.

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The Pennsylvania McDonald's employees who tipped off police and tried to stall Facebook murder suspect Steve Stephens are being called heroes on social media. Stephens also broadcast a live video, in which he claimed to be responsible for numerous other murders.

On Monday evening, Facebook announced that it was launching a review for reporting harmful content following the killing. When officers approached his vehicle, Stephens shot himself.

"We are grateful that this has ended", said Cleveland Division of Police Chief Calvin Williams. "We would like to have brought Steve in peacefully, and really talked to him and find out exactly why this happened".

Facebook Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday said his company would make efforts to prevent posting of incidents similar to the Cleveland shooting where a 74-year-old man was shot by a man who uploaded a video of the shooting on Facebook. The video was eventually taken down. "We just don't know where", Teper said.

One of Mr Godwin's daughters, Debbie Godwin, said she wished Stephens had been captured.

"I'm not happy he's dead at all, not at all", she said. She said even after they parted she was still trying to get him to reach out for help with a gambling habit. Pennsylvania State Police look over a vehicle as they investigate the scene where Steve Stephens, the suspect in the random killing of a Cleveland retiree posted on Facebook, was found shot dead Tuesday, April 18, 2.

Police confirm Steve Stephens, the suspected OH shooter, was found dead in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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