Galloway puts Department of Revenue in crosshairs with subpoena

Galloway puts Department of Revenue in crosshairs with subpoena

Galloway puts Department of Revenue in crosshairs with subpoena

Galloway said her office has asked the DOR many times in the past six weeks for the information. The Department of Revenue owes interest on refunds that are not paid by then.

This is the first time Galloway has subpoenaed records, but the power has been used by previous state auditors seeking information.

The goal of the audit is to ensure Missourians receive the money they are owed under a law requiring taxpayers receive their tax refunds on time or be paid interest.

One function of the audit is to find out if the department is complying with a 2015 law which requires it to process tax returns and issue refunds within 45-days, or start paying interest.

Neither Greitens office nor the Department of Revenue responded to a request by Missourinet for comment about the audit.

"If the new administration intends to operate behind a wall of secrecy, I will use the full authority of my office to ensure transparency and accountability when taxpayer dollars are involved", Galloway said in the release.

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The Department of Revenue has until April 28th to provide the documents. Without this information, my office can not determine that the department is giving taxpayers their refunds on time or paying the interest owed.

"This is an unprecedented level of uncooperation", Galloway says. Galloway criticized new Republican Gov. Eric Greitens' administration for lack of transparency. "This isn't the first wall that we've run into, and so we're finding a trend here". She says the direction is from the Governor's Office.

"We'll have my legal and my audit staff available at that time, along with a court reporter, so they can enter into the record what the information is that they (Revenue Department) are presenting to comply with the subpoena" Galloway said. But she says the request shows people in the Hazelwood district are committed to good schools.

The move has been applauded by the House Democrats.

"If the revenue department is violating the law, Missourians need to know about it" said McCann Beatty.

The law is 45 days after filing or the state has to pay interest.

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