Memphis coach Fizdale blasts 'unprofessional' officiating

Memphis coach Fizdale blasts 'unprofessional' officiating

Memphis coach Fizdale blasts 'unprofessional' officiating

On Wednesday, the six-time All-Star responded to Memphis Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale's post-Game 2 rant that his team wasn't getting enough foul calls in their first-round series against the Spurs.

Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale just had a rant for the ages, calling out the bad officiating in Game 2 of the San Antonio Spurs v Grizzlies Playoff series. He didn't feel his guys got a fair shake at it because of the "poorly officiated game", in his own words. San Antonio went 31-of-32 from the free-throw line, while Memphis went 13-of-15. I know (Gregg Popovich) Pop's got pedigree, and I'm a young rookie. The epic rant concluded with Fizdale slamming his hand on the table while saying "take that for data", and then storming off.

San Antonio leads the best-of-seven series two games to zero. While losing in back-to-back games on the road in San Antonio, Memphis will return home for Games 3 and 4 on Thursday and Saturday, respectively.

The Memphis Grizzlies finished the 2016-17 regular season averaging the second most fouls per game in the NBA (22.4), which shouldn't surprise given this roster's re-branding as the basketball-equivalent of The Expendables. I'm not gonna let them treat us that way. The Spurs didn't so much blitz the Grizzlies in Game 2 as they did grind them down, cut off their supply lines and await a cold, long winter.

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Paul Zipser had 21 points and six rebounds off the bench, while Bobby Portis added 12 points and ten rebounds off the bench. But we had just played Chicago and beat them last week. "It is what it is", Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said before tipoff.

The trio of Crawford, Spooner and Mott have officiated more than 400 playoff games over careers that span more than two decades for each, but Fizdale was irate with their performance. Kawhi Leonard alone went 19-for-19 and attempted four more free throws than the entire Memphis team. That was as close as they came to the Spurs the rest of the game.

Memphis forward Tony Allen remains out with a right calf injury, and Fizdale is still unsure if Allen will return in the opening round. They shot 11 times in the paint, and they had 23 free throws. It's good to see him having fun and playing well when we need him the most, and it's obvious he's happy about it too.

After Monday night's game, chances are more than just the Spurs' win is trending on social media feeds nationwide Tuesday morning.

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