UC Berkeley calls off Ann Coulter talk for security reasons

Mogulof said the university hoped to be able to reschedule Coulter's appearance sometime in September, after identifying an appropriate venue and working out security arrangements.

Last week, posters went up on campus threatening disruption of the event and officials also found chatter on various websites indicating the possibility of planned violence, Mogulof said.

UC Berkeley canceled Coulter's event just two months after a violent protest on campus canceled a planned speech by former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Campus administrators said registered student groups have the right to invite speakers to address their groups but school officials must still provide safety and security during the events. "This is our third event in a row that has been canceled", Berkeley College Republicans spokesperson Naweed Tahmas said.

The school is anxious about violent protests: Berkeley made national news in February and again on Saturday when far-right and far-left demonstrators clashed in physical confrontations that led to several arrests.

Organizers of the event released their own statement Wednesday, expressing discontentment at the change in plans.

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"Yes, it was officially banned", Coulter said, according to the report.

The Berkeley College Republicans reported Coulter as having said, "If Berkeley wants to have free speech, it can have it". We regret this outcome-especially given our unqualified support for our students' right to bring speakers of their choosing to the University, and our deep commitment to the values and principles embedded in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

"This is as clear-cut a case as it gets that public universities are using taxpayer dollars to shut down conservative speech, while allowing liberal speech only", they wrote.

Coulter said she agreed to all of the rules, which included speaking in the daytime and at a location to be determined closer to the Thursday speech, but was canceled at the last minute. "Ann Coulter will speak at UC Berkeley whether Berkeley likes it or not", Young America's Foundation spokesperson Spencer Brown said.

University officials have yet to respond to those declarations.

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