Microsoft Could Announce Surface Phones At its Event in Shanghai

The chief says that he is looking for an "experiential change" that not only means an updated specification sheet but also something that makes a significant change in product line. They're like, 'where's the latest processor?' That's not what I mean. Panay is said to have cited examples of improved battery life and weight reduction to qualify as meaningful change.

What is nearly a certainty that the Surface Pro 5 would be truly sensational and vastly improved compared to the Pro 4 though we don't know for sure when it's coming?

Although, Google is a key player in the United States education market with 58% of sales, Microsoft has to opt a strong marketing strategy for getting huge attention with its Surface Laptops with Windows 10 S. This is also the part of the interview where he is quoted in saying that, "there's no such thing as a Pro 5". Initially, it was speculated that the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled. The offers are 25% off Bose headphones and speakers and 15% off selected Surface Pro 4 plus receive a free Kate Spade Sleeve. Thus, whenever the device is released, users can expect more than just a change in processor.

This project is also being reportedly headed by Panay.

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Comment and let us know what you think of the tech giant's Surface Phone? It has been a year and a half since the Pro 4 was released, but Microsoft has intended for it to be remained competitive for five years. Last week, Panay took to Twitter and Instagram to tease the May 23 event. There aren't many rumors around what will happen but we could see a refresh to the Surface Pro 4 and a Surfacebook.

Microsoft is teasing that it will show what's coming next, but the world is still in the dark as to what the company is referring to. Previous rumors of the Surface Pro 5 might simply have been inaccurate, and may possibly be hinting at a simple refresh/upgrade for the Surface Pro 4. Pricing has also not been released for all of the devices, though Microsoft disclosed that the new devices will start at $189.

While the two belong to completely different price segments and product lines, the comparison is warranted seeing that the Microsoft Surface Laptop preceded the long-rumored arrival of the second-generation Surface Book.

Sporting a clamshell design that gives it that traditional notebook look, the Microsoft Surface Laptop weighs 1.25 kilogram, a pound lighter than the Microsoft Surface Book.

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