500M Windows 10 devices, half of 2018 goal

500M Windows 10 devices, half of 2018 goal

500M Windows 10 devices, half of 2018 goal

Two Google Project Zero researchers, Tavis Ormandy and Natalie Silvanovich, discovered the flaws in software like Windows Defender over the weekend and drew attention to them on Twitter. "To be clear, this is an unsandboxed and highly privileged JavaScript interpreter that is used to evaluate untrusted code, by default on all modern Windows systems". The attack did not require any interaction with the system owner to infect a machine.

The vulnerability is particularly potent because of Windows Defender's nature as an always-on antivirus utility.

In most malware attacks, computer users accidentally download malware by clicking on an infected link or attachment. We trust these programs enough that we typically leave them running in the background, scanning every file received for potential danger. The engine is supposed to scan files for issues, but it could be tricked by hackers into executing code included in an instant message or email, notes Engadget.

According to a Microsoft security advisory published Monday, the vulnerability can be triggered when the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine scans a specially crafted file. Given that Defender is one of Windows' most privileged processes, the vulnerability gives an attacker complete control over the system.

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And Mr Ormandy later tweeted he had been "blown away" at the speedy response. Microsoft is not expected to make any Surface hardware related announcement at the event. "Updates to the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine are installed along with the updated malware definitions for the affected products", it said. The company had started rolling out the Windows 10 Creator's Update in April this year.

Microsoft also detailed its Windows Cognitive Services, a set of 29 AI capabilities developers will be able to incorporate into Windows 10 apps, including gesture recognition, video indexing, live translation and search. New feature additions for developers of Microsoft Teams apps include Compose Extensions and Third-Party Notifications in the Activity Feed.

If you have tried to update the system and have encountered this problem, all you have to do is restart your computer in Safe Mode and return to the previous version of Windows.

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