New Samsung Galaxy Folder Smartphone Spotted in Leaks

Unlike most power banks, Samsung Portable Battery Pack is compatible with USB, Micro-USB, and USB Type-C devices, which includes smartphones and tablets. Samsung also releases various other devices which are quite innovative, such as the Samsung Galaxy Folder smartphones.

Rich Fisco of Consumer Reports says, Samsung's Galaxy line has always done well in our tests so we're interested to see if the S8 can knock its predecessor, the S7, out of the top spot in our ratings. If your device doesnt support Samsung Fast Charge, it will charge at a standard 2A output.

To indicate the amount of power left in this portable battery, it comes with a LED indicator in it.

What's interesting is that Samsung has included a USB Type-C port and a standard USB port.

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This new Samsung Galaxy Folder smartphone will come with many advanced features such as wireless charging, NFC support, Samsung Pay and a fingerprint scanner. It simply means that you can plug-in and charge the battery pack while charging your smartphone through the battery pack.

There are already shedloads of battery packs out there so it is odd that Samsung thought it worthwhile to compete.

The new Samsung fast charge battery pack comes with two USB ports, one USB-C and one full sized USB port, it also comes with a microUSB cable and a microUSB to USB-C Adapter. Now, according to a leaked internal document on Reddit, T-Mobile will be offering a buy one get one free deal on the Galaxy S8.

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