HTC U11 Price, Specs, Features, Release Date

HTC U11 Price, Specs, Features, Release Date

HTC U11 Price, Specs, Features, Release Date

Killer feature or forgettable gimmick?

As it is appropriate for a true flagship, the HTC U11 uses Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 SoC, paired up with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage for the U.S., while some markets will also get to choose the version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Well, the HTC U11 is the flagship in question and it has now been confirmed. You know how quiet and tinny the audio is when you play a video on your phone now? Now, the last video HTC released is quite odd, it compares HTC U11's Edge Sense feature to squeezing various objects, like sponges, balls, kiwi, lime, and so on.

With their help, the phone can distinguish and interpret nearly imperceptible squeezes, so users will be able to squeeze the screen to launch the camera or capture a selfie. Thomas says that nearly anything that doesn't require security pass-through can be configured to work with Edge Sense.

Along the rim of the HTC U11, there are pressure-sensitive areas controlled by eight sensors that measure how hard you squeeze. The squeezing feature can be configured to assign a variety of tasks with either short or long squeezes. It's going to be mildly expensive, and you'll have to squeeze your wallet to have a go at this one.

The idea of Edge Sense might sound like a gimmick, but it can actually so some quite cool stuff.

Each of the five U11 finishes we've seen has hidden colours within that appear as you move the device in your hand and catch the light on the surface in different ways.

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You can also activate advanced touch and use a "short squeeze" as well as a "squeeze and hold" for more functionality.

These functions aren't set in stone though, and you can customise them to an extent.

"Before, it was a hassle to reach these features, but we simplified it into a single motion", the company said, adding that Edge Sense will also make it easier to operate the phone even if users are wearing gloves in cold weather. While it may prove interesting in the first few days, it seems likely that Edge Sense will be neglected by many users beyond the initial onboarding period.

Yet, it certainly feels like a gimmick.

Which phones will it work with?

Unlike the approach that HTC's competitors are taking with their bezel-less designs, the Taiwanese company has chose to stick with an older design because a bezel-less form factor means that you will need to make certain compromises on the audio front.

In terms of overall design, the new HTC smartphone is pretty sleek with clean metallic backplate, an improvement from the basic design of the outgoing HTC 10, as per report from The Verge.

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