Google launches "Smart Reply" for Gmail

Google launches

Google launches "Smart Reply" for Gmail

Back in late 2015, Google followed that lead by introducing a Smart Reply feature in Inbox, something that offers three suggested replies based on the contents of the email the user receives. The said feature was then ported over to the company's smart messaging giant Allo, and its smartwatch OS, Android Wear 2.0 released at the previous I/O conference. And as Google's Deepmind continues to beat champion Go players and improve its intelligence, one can only wonder what Google's next AI-powered tool or service will be.

How does it work?

Smart Reply uses neural networks, which are all trained in the skill of taking your messages in Gmail and analyzing them.

When a user makes use of the Smart Reply options, which appear in boxes at the bottom of an email message displayed on a smartphone, they still have the opportunity to edit the message before it is sent.

"Smart Reply utilizes machine learning to give you better responses the more you use it", Gmail Software Engineer Greg Bullock wrote in a blog post.

What's the point of it?

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A Google spokesperson told BuzzFeed News, "No one is reading your email".

Responding to emails is not always easy.

Will it sound automated?

Just tap the reply that you like and tap send. After all, quick automated responses can sometimes come off blunt or lacking a personal touch.

Whether or not users welcome this update remains yet to be determined. There's evidence that people find it helpful: Google said Smart Reply now drives 12 percent of replies in Inbox on mobile, Google says. Google says a Spanish version will be available in the couple weeks as well with more languages "coming soon".

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