Here Are All The New Things You Can Do With Google Photos

Here Are All The New Things You Can Do With Google Photos

Here Are All The New Things You Can Do With Google Photos

Because Lens can identify people and things within your photos, your library will become searchable by terms like flower names or "Wills Tower, as Google demonstrated within the keynote". It's now being used by more than 500 million people every month to back up over 1.2 billion photos and videos every single day.

We all shoot way more photos than we actually share, and that's a shame, because among the thousands of pics that everyone's hoarding are a couple gems that deserve some time to shine. Today, the Mountain View giant is set to take Google Photos a notch further with the announcement of three great little features: Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries and Photo Books. The new sharing suggestions features will help you send and also receive the photos that you want or need. The other person's photo library will also be shared with you once this feature is activated. Before, you would create a Shared Album with another person, say your wife, in order to add photos of your kids to.

Google also announced a new service called Photo Books, which allows users to select their best images to be printed into a booklet they and keep or gift. If there are several people in a photo, Google Photos can make a suggestion to send it to all of the photo's subjects. The books are 20 pages by defaults and features 40 of the best photos. Photo books come in soft cover or hard cover, and start at $9.99 per book. It will roll out for other countries as well eventually. Google Photos is extending its AI-powered facial recognition capabilities, which have existed in the app for long, to ease the sharing of images/videos at just the tap of a button. If your friend Brad is in the photo, for instance, Google Photos will suggest that you send the photo to him so that he knows how silly he looked at the pool party last Saturday.

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You can use Lens to identify buildings and landmarks in your shots, then fetch useful information about them. Guess what? We look like awful sons because it was so hard to put together a photo book from our separate libraries using the Photos app on iOS and MacOS that we still haven't done it. Google is getting into the Photo Books game. Google Photos will be able to suggest which photos to share and whom to share them with. Or, perhaps worse still, that personal selfie you took and that got automatically backed-up without you realizing, suddenly gets flagged up as a new shared image.

All the aforementioned features (except Google Lens) are available for both Android and iOS starting today.

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