Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke takes job with Homeland Security

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke takes job with Homeland Security

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke takes job with Homeland Security

(He is the fourth person to die in Clarke's custody in the previous year.) Thomas lost 35 pounds during that week and reportedly spent his last hours begging for water before dying inside his cell. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., said in April 2017 that Clarke has said Black Lives Matter "is a terrorist movement, a hate group and calls it, Black LIES Matter".

Clarke, an unabashed supporter of US President Donald Trump, became famous in right-wing circles during the 2016 presidential election for his anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric. He even spoke at the Republican National Convention previous year. A more detailed look into these deaths led Dr. Ronald Shanksy to the concerning discovery that there was a shortage of medical officers at the facility. The death rate at the facility in 2016 was roughly three times the national average.

A jury recommended charges for workers at the facility earlier this month for the death of Terrill Thomas, who died a year ago after he was allegedly deprived water for seven days.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele pulled no punches Wednesday after learning that Sheriff David Clarke planned to resign.

The job of replacing David Clarke as sheriff in Milwaukee County will fall to Gov. Scott Walker.

Clarke is a prominent Fox News commentator who's attracted attention for comments like these made at this year's "Deploraball" inaugural ball: "When I hear people say we need to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats, you know what I say?"

"They feel like they're being ignored", he said.

A DHS spokesman didn't immediately reply to a phone message and email.

He will begin working at DHS in June.

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Homeland Security has yet to confirm the appointment, only saying "senior positions are announced when made official by the secretary. It will be in specifically, the office of partnership and programs".

Clarke, who rose to national prominence previous year as a vocal Trump supporter and a frequent guest on Fox News, has made headlines in recent months due to lawsuits filed against him alleging mistreatment of inmates in the jail he oversees. In that role, he would help coordinate DHS outreach to local law enforcement agencies, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also butted heads over immigration policy with the Milwaukee police chief, who favors sanctuary city policies.

He has also used his social media accounts and many public appearances to show support for Trump.

Clarke responded to Black's allegations by calling him a "snowflake". Applicants must live in Milwaukee County to be appointed to the post.

At the moment, Clarke is being sued after an inmate at his jail died of thirst six days after the water was cut off to his cell.

"It's hard to believe that Sheriff Clarke was unaware of his own jail's unconstitutional practice of shutting off drinking water as a twisted form of punishment", Heipt said. Seven jail staffers face criminal charges over the matter.

"He has time to blog, tweet, and write op-eds to advance his divisive agenda".

But as the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, which Clarke just announced Trump has named him, he may put some very scary, un-American ideas into practice.

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