WhatsApp once again suffers global outage on Wednesday

WhatsApp once again suffers global outage on Wednesday

WhatsApp once again suffers global outage on Wednesday

According to DownDetector.com, 51 per cent users reported connection problems, while 37 per cent faced issues with receiving messages.

An outage in WhatsApp was reported for a couple of hours on May 3 when users could not send or receive messages. Many of them reported later the return to normal service, Xinhua news agency reported.

(Web Desk) - WhatsApp suffered yet another outage on Wednesday due to which users from different countries including Spain, Malaysia, England, Scotland, Ireland and others have been unable to log into the app.

Other severely affected countries included Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain.

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This has been the second outage within a month, resulting in flak for WhatsApp on social networking sites.

WhatsApp is hoping that this problem of the frequent outages will be dealt with and users will use all features of WhatsApp like before. The company had no explanation on why the app stopped working suddenly that too for almost two hours.

One Twitter user complained: "WhatsApp is always down at the most inconvenient times". Considering that many businesses rely heavily on these applications to go about their daily work, outages like these can create huge commotion among its user-base. Poeple took it to Twitter to express their angst against the app's malfunction.

The popular Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has been suffering technical problems worldwide.

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