Merkel: British EU immigration cap would have price

Merkel: British EU immigration cap would have price

Merkel: British EU immigration cap would have price

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned that such deep-reaching reforms would require treaty changes, which were "not realistic" at a time when Europe is hit by a surge of anti-euro populism.

"From the German point of view, it's possible to change the treaty if it makes sense", Merkel added reported the BBC.

Le Drian is expected to be the only member of the outgoing Socialist government to be kept on, with Macron keeping a careful distance from the little-loved administration of his predecessor Francois Hollande.

Underlining the concerns over Macron's proposals, Germany's biggest selling daily Bild warned ahead of the French leader's meeting with Merkel that before seeking deeper European Union integration, "France must once again be at the same level as Germany politically and economically". She was responding to a question by a United Kingdom delegate at a G-20 labor-union conference in Berlin who said many members voted to remain in the EU.

He also said France will push for economic reforms in the country to bring down unemployment and implement a reform agenda "not because Europe requests it, but because France needs it".

The announcement came as Macron travelled to Berlin to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The German Chancellor called Macron's visit a sign of deep friendship between the two main drivers of European integration and the bloc's leading economies.

The online poll was carried out between May 15 and 17 - after Macron named conservative lawmaker Edouard Philippe as his prime minister and before the new government was unveiled on Wednesday.

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On Macron's first official visit to Berlin just 24 hours after being inaugurated, both leaders on Monday expressed their commitment to do everything they can to improve the rapport between the two capitals to, in Macron's words, achieve an "historic new foundation" for the EU, Efe news reported.

Russian-Germans have traditionally supported conservative forces, namely Merkel's Christian Democratic Union of Germany. They admitted the possibility of a debt mutualization instrument - Eurobonds, and the creation of a euro zone finance minister.

Sources in his entourage said 39-year-old Macron would seek to emphasise the need for closer European cooperation in the fight against jihadists, especially with EU heavyweight Germany.

The losers of the presidential election are aiming to capitalise on a general lack of enthusiasm for the pro- business Macron - whom many voters backed exclusively to bar Le Pen - to bounce back in the parliamentary vote.

Christophe Castaner, Mr Macron's campaign spokesman, said on Sunday this was the kind of tough choice that would have to be made in Mr Macron's inner circle now that the battle for the presidential Elysee Palace was won.

Mr Philippe began his political life as a Socialist activist affiliated to former prime minister Michel Rocard while he was a student, before turning to the right.

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