Rompers For Men Set To Take Over Summer Fashion

Rompers For Men Set To Take Over Summer Fashion

Rompers For Men Set To Take Over Summer Fashion

There has been a huge wave of memes about the idea of male rompers, called romphim, becoming a new fashion trend. We "just wanted more rompers in the world".

And those men want their own rompers so very much they've created them and are raising money in a Kickstarter to sell them.

For what it's worth, Reebok and Aced Design are by no means the first entities to put the male romper on the map.

Unfortunately, it's looking like this male romper thing is here to stay. Something was missing. Why wasn't there anything out there that allowed guy to be more stylish and fun without also sacrificing comfort, fit, and versatility?

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"One-piece styles work for men and women". But for men? Well - not the best look. " Before he could place an arbitrary weight-limit on fanny-packs, or Fair Isle sweaters, the viral winds of Twitter had swept up his tweet, and he was being inundated by pictures of women of all shapes and sizes, rocking rompers, looking wonderful, and taking flame-throwers to his romper-based body-shaming".

Whether you call it the "bromper" or the manly onesie, it all refers to the same fast-growing fashion trending for guys.

Reginald C Mcgee, another Facebook user, said the wearing of male rompers is a sure telltale sign of homosexuality. A brand launched on Kickstarter that might change the face of menswear with the RompHim.

Rompers are all the rage this year for many women's summer wardrobes, but men are no longer left out of this must-have trend. Because RompHim has raised over $100,000 dollars on Kickstarter exceeding their $10,000 dollar goal.

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