Ryan backs Trump, cautions against 'rush to judgment'

Ryan backs Trump, cautions against 'rush to judgment'

Ryan backs Trump, cautions against 'rush to judgment'

The claim by fired FBI Director James B. Comey that President Trump asked him to shut down an investigation of former national security advisor Michael Flynn is potentially the most explosive development in the unfolding saga of investigations into possible collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's 2016 campaign.

A pair of Senate committees, meanwhile, wants more information about Comey's interaction with President Trump.

At which point Trump, according to a contemporaneous memo written by Comey, asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation director to drop the Flynn probe.

The requests - made in separate letters to FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe and White House Counsel Donald McGahn - were made after a report that a memo written by Comey says Trump asked him to drop Flynn probe. It described the president's request the Comey end an investigation into former national security director Michael Flynn's ties to Russian Federation and Turkey.

"Speaker Ryan has shown he has zero, zero, zero appetite for any investigation of President Trump", Cummings said.

Flynn served briefly as Trump's national security adviser before he was sacked for lying about his contacts with the Russian ambassador.

"I do not believe in trial by newspaper article or investigations based on anonymous sources", Graham said in a statement.

If the Trump administration deemed it appropriate, Putin said Russian Federation could hand over a transcript of Trump's meeting with Lavrov to U.S. lawmakers to reassure them that no secrets were revealed.

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Comey's memo - an apparent effort to create a paper trail of his contacts with the White House - would be evidence that president has tried to influence the investigation.

Ryan's comments after a closed-door meeting of House Republicans came as lawmakers grappled with a series of damaging developments out of the White House over the past week.

The explosive new development on Tuesday followed a week of tumult at the White House after Trump fired Comey and then discussed sensitive national security information about Islamic State with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"We need the facts", he said.

A White House official said Trump's discussions with the two Russian officials were "wholly appropriate".

Ryan said Congress needs to get the facts, but "it is obvious there are some people out there who want to harm the president".

According to reports of the memo's contents, the president asked the other people present in the Oval Office at the time, including Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to leave the room.

This isn't Amash's first foray into one of Trump's controversies. He replied, "I do".

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