Check out this video preview of the 3 new Overwatch arenas

Check out this video preview of the 3 new Overwatch arenas

Check out this video preview of the 3 new Overwatch arenas

To celebrate the first anniversary of the game, Blizzard Entertainment has just announced an in-game event which will kick off on Tuesday, May 23.

After showing off three new maps that are part of the event next week, Blizzard also teased some new skins, emotes, and voice lines across separate regional Overwatch social accounts. Players know to expect a special game mode to be added to the arcade in honor of the big day. However, the last Overwatch: Uprising event saw almost every skin set at 3,000 coins.

The interview, which was held with turikk and BoozyPelican, the moderators of the official Overwatch sub-Reddit, along with ForceGaming's Dennis Duhamel, gave a glimpse of the mindset of Kaplan and the Overwatch development team as they head into the game's second year.

Before many of us had even gotten our hands on Overwatch, Blizzard's animated shorts warmed us up to its characters, setting, and lore. You can download Overwatch and play it for free from May 26-29.

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"The animated shorts are probably the thing that we have the most fun making, " Kaplan said (via Polygon). "We're very lucky that Arnold, Michael, myself get to do a lot of interaction with the animation team and we feel like the animated shorts are the best way we can tell stories in a game, well not in a game, in Overwatch. We're hard at work on more of those".

Kaplan went on to explain that "season one" of the animated shorts ended with The Last Bastion, which presumedly means Sombra's short out of BlizzCon 2016 was the beginning of season 2. We say this because both the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One requires the players to pay if they want to utilize the online system.

To address all these anniversary questions, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the company is to release more details soon.

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