French government resigns in post-election formality

French government resigns in post-election formality

French government resigns in post-election formality

Like his predecessors, Macron will be judged above all on employment, and he has vowed to force through reform of France's hidebound labour laws using executive orders during his first months in office.

"The resistance of the right is the main danger for Macron", said Braud. In the runoff against Le Pen, he notched up nearly two-thirds of the vote, according to exit polls. France's commitment to worldwide justice, through unambiguous political and financial support for the global Criminal Court (ICC), will be crucial in advancing the fight against impunity.

In early returns, Macron had won an estimated 65 percent of the vote to Le Pen's almost 35 percent, according to the French Interior Ministry. Le Pen has different positioning to her father, winning on Sunday about double his share of the vote in 2002, appealing not just to the far right but also some centre-right voters - and a slice of the left, that she presents herself as an anti-globalisation champion, including opposition to worldwide trade.

Macron's movement is banking that voters, having elected him, won't want to see his presidency hobbled so quickly.

And when looking back at the first round of voting which saw Jean-Luc Melenchon from the far-left garner almost 20 percent, almost half the French electorate backed candidates who made anti-globalization a central theme of their campaigns.

Le Pen says the 10.6 million votes she won on Sunday will make her party the leading opposition.

The transfer of power to Macron will take place Sunday, outgoing President Francois Hollande announced.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen lost her bid to become France's first female head of state but she is unbowed, making plans for a major makeover of her party and her next electoral battle: June's parliamentary elections.

Valls' overture received a non-committal response from Macron's party.

He also promised to work to unify France after a bruising presidential campaign and serve the country "with love".

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"The (French election) results came in as expected and the market had already factored that in", said Andre Bakhos, managing director at Janlyn Capital in Bernardsville, New Jersey.

The mother of three portrays herself as the guardian of a disabused France, where citizens are losing their culture to an encroaching Islam, their identity to "massive immigration" and their sovereignty to the European Union. That means many of them may be burdened by the handicap of being largely unknown to voters in constituencies they compete for.

He added that his primary task over the coming five years was to "calm people's fears, restore France's confidence, and gather all its people together to face the enormous challenges that face us in the future". "I will fight with all my strength against the divisions that are undermining us", he said. "My duty is to alleviate fears and rekindle optimism", said the next President of France.

Macron's both somber and sober victory statement comes against the backdrop of his speech after his win in the first round of the French presidential elections back on April 23, when he was criticized for sounding too euphoric.

Valls, a man deeply associated with the unpopular President François Hollande, supported Macron rather than the Socialist Party candidate during the presidential election.

"The task that awaits us, my fellow citizens, is enormous and starts tomorrow".

Macron's victory is not a surprise as polls routinely showed him far ahead of Le Pen.

France has a new president.

In a congratulatory telegram, Mr Putin said he was ready to constructively work together on bilateral, regional and global issues as this was in the fundamental interests of both France and Russian Federation. "You will win next time - and so will I!" "Vive La France, Vive la République!" he declared.

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