Israeli settler who killed Palestinian in West Bank clash freed by police

Israeli settler who killed Palestinian in West Bank clash freed by police

Israeli settler who killed Palestinian in West Bank clash freed by police

They carried Palestinian flags and signs critical of alleged United Nations bias toward Israel, Jordan's Petra News Agency said.

The health authorities in Gaza said eight people were wounded by bullets and about 30 suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The shooting killed one Palestinian and wounded an Associated Press photographer who was covering the unrest.

In the video, the Israeli settler, who also appears to be protected by Israeli forces, was distributing chocolates to settlers to celebrate the killing of the Palestinian.

Hundreds of Palestinians flocked to the border between Israel and Gaza on Friday afternoon to participate in a demonstration that quickly escalated when multiple participants started igniting tires and hurling rocks at IDF soldiers deployed in the area.

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In the West Bank city of Hebron, the protesters faced off with Israeli security forces, setting tires alight and pelting soldiers with stones.

On Thursday, the armed wings of seven Palestinian factions, including Hamas movement, which rules the Gaza Strip, called for a day of confrontation with Israel in support of Palestinian prisoners who have been going on a hunger strike in Israeli jails for 33 days.

The Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) in Jerusalem, announced that said that that the soldiers, and several security officers, attack the nonviolent protesters, including elders, in the courtyard of the Red Cross.

The settler opened fire after his vehicle was surrounded and stoned by Palestinian protesters when he attempted to drive through their demonstration near an apartheid checkpoint in the northern West Bank on Thursday.

Some 843 prisoners are still on hunger strike. The protesters demand to abolish the practice of unlawful detention, when detainees are kept in cells without any charges brought against them for months, lift restrictions on family visits, provide better healthcare at prisons and opportunities to receive high education.

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