Joe Biden never thought Hillary was a great candidate

Joe Biden never thought Hillary was a great candidate

Joe Biden never thought Hillary was a great candidate

While all of those decisions are now in the past, Democrats have been speculating on Biden's future, wondering whether the former vice president would run to challenge Trump in the 2020 race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted on Thursday during the SALT conference in Las Vegas that he hadn't thought much of Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Although that demographic has for the most part voted Republican since the Reagan-era, Clinton was the first Democratic presidential candidate in a generation to lose the rust-belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. "I thought I was a great candidate".

On Thursday, Obama administration Vice President Joe Biden said he could run for president again, but he added that he "probably" wouldn't.

Biden announced in October 2015 that he was not going to run for president in the last election season, but he has been quietly voicing his regret since then over not running against Clinton. "I thought I was a great candidate", Biden explained. But that isn't likely to make Clinton supporters feel much better.

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Biden vowed during the same speech not to stay quiet during the 2016 election. "She thought she had no choice but to run". Biden held back any direct jabs at Trump during his talk, but made a point to praise Obama's presidency for being scandal-free and Obama himself for being "absolutely, totally competent".

Biden who has been known as the poorest man in the U.S Senate, also said he needs to fulfill several financial promises to his wife such as paying off their mortgage. He ran a second time in 2007, but ended up losing to President Barack Obama. "Yes", he said. "I was the best qualified".

"Let's wake up!" he said. "I just wasn't ready to be able to do that".

Although Biden is very popular amongst politicians and voters, he downplayed the chances of him ever running for president in 2020, when he would be 78.

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