My fans have made me Tamilian: Rajinikanth responds to Swamy's jibe

My fans have made me Tamilian: Rajinikanth responds to Swamy's jibe

My fans have made me Tamilian: Rajinikanth responds to Swamy's jibe

In his comment to this situation, Rajnikanth has shared that he don't have any political aspirations but if the almighty, God has such plans for him, then he would definitely join the politics in future.

The kings in the olden days had armies of 5,000-10,000 men and the rest of the population attended to other vocations such as farming; but when war came, everyone launched into the battle to protect their land and their pride. So go back to your places and look after your families and attend to your duties. "Let's meet when it's time for the war", Rajinikanth said amidst thundering applause from fans.

Meanwhile, the Bhartiya Janata Party, whose top leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi are said to enjoy good relations with the "superstar", has welcomed the idea of the actor joining their fold. "But, the democratic system is rotten and the tenet of democracy has changed", the actor said. "We should change the system". He appealed for bringing a change in the system first. "Yes, there are people (like) M.K. Stalin, who is a very efficient administrator".

The film also enraged Ramadoss, who accused Rajinikanth of misleading the youth with his unique cigarette flinching style, among other gimmicks.

For the uninitiated Sarath Kumar, in the past, had labelled Rajinikanth an "outsider" Kannadiga, who stepped into Tamil Nadu to find work. I am a Tamil to the core.

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The versatile actor said he would take a decision on joining politics when the time comes. His latest statement declaring himself as a "Pachchai Tamizhan", a true-blood Tamil, seems to be hitting the right notes. "I am 67 years old now and for 44 years, I have been in Tamil Nadu", he added.

'Even though I am from Karnataka, still you have accepted me and you have made me into a Tamil.

The actor's roots are often a focal point of discussion in various circles and they come to the fore when the Cauvery dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu peaks. He had also praised Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) chief Thol Thirumavalavan and Naam Tamizhar Katchi leader Seeman.

"They all are there". He said he was upset and pained to see in social media that some people questioned whether he was a Tamilian.

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