Nintendo unveils first official Switch bundle with Splatoon 2

Nintendo unveils first official Switch bundle with Splatoon 2

Nintendo unveils first official Switch bundle with Splatoon 2

"Arms For The Switch" is scheduled for public release on June 16, 2017.

No other details like the pricing and release date were shown about the Switch title.

No release timeframes have been given for any of these titles, but news on them will come over the next few weeks.

According to Nintendo, there is a standard Splatoon 2 package version, which comes with the game case and the game card. Navigating through the stages, you will be able to team up with a slew of different characters and use their special abilities to fight special bosses and enemies as he flies them through the air majestically. Players will be knocking some explosive balls into their opponent's court. Also, part of the fight list is the so-called ARMS Test and, well, Training. You will be able to play it on certain days and times, so mark these deets on your calendar.

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Finally, some polls on what we saw in the ARMS Direct; tell us what you thought in these and the comments below!

Skillshot tasks you with punching targets that move across a something like a gun range, except you have an opponent on the other side who is also smashing those targets and trying to hit you. The latest Nintendo Direct detailed new features, characters, and battle modes. Ranked matches will be available as well as an offline Grand Prix that resembles a single player campaign of 10 matches. These modes will allow up to 20 players in the same lobby. Then there's a Party Match where you can have two players per Nintendo Switch joining online battles.

If you want to experience the game before its launch, you can do so by joining the Arms Global Testpunch. The second round of Testpunch activity starts on June 2 (North America only, June 3 for everyone else) and ends on June 4. This certainly confirms that Owlboy will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan, and I'd wager that's going to be the same for Western markets too.

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