Robin Wright: 'Feminism Is Just Equality'

Robin Wright: 'Feminism Is Just Equality'

Robin Wright: 'Feminism Is Just Equality'

Wright, 51, stars as ruthless First Lady Claire Underwood opposite Spacey as scheming US President Francis Underwood in the hit Netflix drama.

"Trump has stolen all of our ideas for season six", she joked.

"Everyone is talking around the [water] cooler saying, 'What are we going to do?'".

"I think the one piece of general advice that they gave was just to never do something that felt off", Dylan shared.

Wright came to Cannes to debut her latest directorial effort, "The Dark of Night", a short film she described as "a female vigilante movie set in the 1930s". "It does take time to break the mold". To that, Manson asked if she was nervous about approaching the studio. In addition, she also appears in the forthcoming "Wonder Woman" film. She's the kind of woman who fights for what she believes in. Feminism, she said has problematic connotations.

"I've got to see the hope somewhere", said Wright, admitting she feels, "Oh my God, we have four years of this".

She said she first experienced blatant sexism early in her career.

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Wright, who poses topless in the digital magazine, crossing her arms over her chest, said she had turned her ambitions to directing, adding: "I don't want to be in front of the camera any more". Actual wonks say D.C. politics really look a lot more like Veep, HBO's cutting comedy-all bumbling gaffes and pissed-off politicians getting through one embarrassing crisis to the next.

"Wright admits that her co-stars" workouts were even more strenuous.

"It is not just about 'Yeah, girl power!' but love and justice, and that is a great message to spread to our little women".

House of Cards star Robin Wright has spoken out about the Hollywood gender pay gap, recounting how she demanded equal pay to that of co-star Kevin Spacey on the politically-charged Netflix show but later discovered that was to no avail.

"We are like brother and sister on the show". And you're there to sell, you're doing them a favor.

'I only want to direct.

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