Shootings by man who was freed early prompt changes at court

Shootings by man who was freed early prompt changes at court

Shootings by man who was freed early prompt changes at court

A coroner says the OH police chief slain by a gunman who killed two others in a nursing home last week died from a shotgun wound as he exited his vehicle. Burnett's mother, Cindy Krantz, was shot and killed Friday, along with Kirkersville police chief Steven DiSario and nurse Marlina Medrano outside the Pine Kirk Care Center, in Kirkersville, Ohio, where Krantz worked as a nurse's aide.

Another report surfaced, which shows how the people died and nothing else, there was no new news of Hartless's other victims, but the experts believe only around 500 people was living in the village and has no news on other killings so far. Medrano reportedly got several civil protection orders against Hartless who had a history of domestic violence.

Hartless killed himself with a shotgun.

Hartless was later found dead inside the nursing home.

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After being found guilty of three misdemeanor charges of domestic violence in March, Higgins sentenced Hartless to 90 days in jail. He was freed on April 12. Judge Michael Higgins says Licking County Municipal Court is reviewing how the case was handled.

In a letter to authorities during Hartless's sentencing, Medrano said she still loved Hartless and wrote, "I never intended Tom to be jailed for his actions, rather it was a cry for help". A memorial service is planned Wednesday for Krantz.

Funerals have been scheduled Friday for Medrano and Saturday for DiSario.

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