Three girls praised as hard-hitting and eye-opening drama by viewers

Three girls praised as hard-hitting and eye-opening drama by viewers

Three girls praised as hard-hitting and eye-opening drama by viewers

Lisa is now starring in a BBC dramatisation of the story, Three Girls, playing Lorna, the mother of one of the girls involved in the grooming ring.

"The focus remains on the abused trio, "three girls" Holly, Ruby and Amber, as one of them chillingly says:"[We were] passed around like a ball".

Appearing as witnesses, Holly and Ruby were forced to relive their ordeals and were accused of lying by the defence teams who told them their abuse was a "lifestyle choice". "What there is, is a child who is abused".

The drama will look at the way in which these girls were groomed, how they were ignored by the authorities directly responsible for protecting them, and how they eventually made themselves heard. A social work student recounted to me recently that some young girls she was working with regularly disappeared from school and had disclosed to her that they were with a group of older men who plied them with alcohol. That is why it is such a powerful piece of television.

And while starring in acclaimed BBC drama, Three Girls, Lisa has been getting lots of praise from the audience for her moving performance.

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Linda Robson commented on how firm they were, while Nadia Sawalha admitted she was impressed by how much she had achieved by diet and fitness alone.

'Really happy at the response we've had from 3 girls, ' she tweeted.

"It's important that the BBC took a chance because it could have gone one of two ways".

Yes, this can come with a huge personal cost - Sara Rowbotham lost her job and describes being in a very dark place, including suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Holly (Molly Windsor) is new in town and is desperate find her feet and make some new friends. Sometimes as professionals we were treated in a similar way to the girls we represented i.e. with open hostility.

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