Three Girls wins praise for Rochdale abuse scandal portrayal

Three Girls wins praise for Rochdale abuse scandal portrayal

Three Girls wins praise for Rochdale abuse scandal portrayal

The Three Girls actress has lost over 12 stone in her weight loss journey, and recently underwent surgery to remove excess skin left over from the stunning transformation.

"I believe senior police officers should be held accountable for failing to act", she said. "I want justice", she told the court, right in front of those who had scared her so much previously, head held high.

"They're still a little bit swollen so they're bigger than they're going to be".

"After the operation and because of the bandages you're not allowed to shower for 11 days". In the late nineties, I worked for a third sector organisation and supported young women and girls who were homeless or in a housing crisis - many of whom were fleeing child sexual exploitation.

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With excellent performances across the board once again, particularly in Episode 3 from Molly Windsor who played victim Holly Winshaw, we saw the trial of the men accused through the eyes of the young girls, and with the script taken often word-for-word from transcripts of the process, it recalled some extremely disturbing moments, namely.

However, since the programme is based on the real-life sexual grooming scandal in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, it was understandably a sensitive, and mentally hard production process - and Lisa has spoken out about the "horrendous" case, and how angry she felt while bringing it to life. Why am I feeling this? It communicated very effectively and graphically what actually happens to children when they are sexually exploited - messages many of us have been trying to convey for years. Yes this is my chin.

"I'm not addicted to surgery".

"I'm praying for the day I get back into the gym, boxercise, zumba with no jiggling". Sometimes as professionals we were treated in a similar way to the girls we represented i.e. with open hostility.

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