James Corden and Ben Kingsley perform "Mary Poppins"

James Corden and Ben Kingsley perform

James Corden and Ben Kingsley perform "Mary Poppins"

The Mary Poppins skit saw Corden and Sir Ben, and a group of other performers, dashing on to the road to sing songs from the film when drivers were held at red traffic lights. Corden yelled excitedly before a crowd of on-board contestants, who took turns attempting to recreate Cruise's signature sock-slide move from the movie.

Always on the hunt for a new business venture, James Corden convinced Tom Cruise to come aboard a cruise to commemorate the actor's most memorable films. "I'm so sad when I think about all the times when I took this job that I've had to open our show talking about such atrocities", Corden said. Then the sign fell off, revealing that it was actually the restroom.

Soon it was time for passengers to board "Tom's Cruise" and take place in a Risky Business contest in which they slid across the deck in white dress shirts and underpants and danced to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock n Roll".

"This is the best idea you've ever had", Cruise eventually told Corden, which is saying something: In 2016 the pair re-created Corden's entire career in less than 10 minutes on the show.

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James Corden is back with another edition of Crosswalk the Musical and this time he is in London! Corden was having less fun, however, and felt alone as no one was visiting his "Corden'd Off Area".

That's when Cruise, sporting some Top Gun fashion, realized, "There's no Maverick without Goose".

Well, it was good while it lasted!

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