Apple's iOS 11 Hopes To Reinvent the iPad

Apple's iOS 11 Hopes To Reinvent the iPad

Apple's iOS 11 Hopes To Reinvent the iPad

If you've been keeping an eye out for the latest tech new, then you already know that Apple finally announced the new iOS 11 on Monday at WWDC 2017, thus confirming an entire slew of rumors that have been circulating the Internet months before the event.

Even though Apple focused on HomePod's music capabilities and pitched it as a new kind of home stereo, it undersold the rest of the real potential.

Apple has spent more than $1 billion on acquisitions and conducted years of research and development on AI and AR. However, we're a long way from seeing the final version of iOS 11 out and about, which means you're going to have to prepare yourself for some issues with iOS 11 beta 1.

To combat the growing problem of drivers being dangerously distracted by phone activity while on the road, Apple is introducing a new Do Not Disturb feature. When you re-install app in iOS 11, you will get back all data and documents. Apple is also coming up with new family plans for iCloud users. When the iPhone is brought closer to the connected iPad (without even touching it), a prompt will indicate on the iPad that an iPhone wants to connect to the WiFi network.

Apart from all these, here are a couple of more features that were not talked about at during the keynote.

Apple has added support for three new Indian languages - Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia - with iOS 11.

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Aptly called "Do Not Disturb While Driving", the feature takes over the phone when it is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth or cable and when it detects you're in a moving auto.

This one's useful for all the videographers in the room - and those who just want to share clips of games on Facebook.

There's an all-new Control Center, which on the iPad, comes with a new multitasking screen.

From now on, brokers won't be able to do any updates on the existing apps that are already available in the App Store.

At its annual developer's conference held earlier this week, Apple chief executive Tim Cook unveiled its new mobile operating system iOS 11. It will be available for all models of the iPad Air and iPad Pro, as well as for the iPhone 5s and up, 5th-generation iPad, 6th-generation iPod touch, and iPad mini 2 and up. This will make it a whole lot easier for users to log into apps. The company is now offering Samsung Galaxy Note-style annotating, marking, and editing tools in iOS that can be used after capturing a screenshot.

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