Trump to announce plan to stop cash flow to Cuban military

President Donald Trump on Friday will tighten rules on Americans traveling to Cuba and significantly restrict USA companies from doing business with Cuban enterprises controlled by the military, according to US officials who have seen a draft presidential memorandum.

The new Cuba policy will prohibit transactions with businesses controlled by the Cuban regime, will only allow Americans to travel to Cuba as a part of a tour group, and reiterate the importance of extraditing fugitives, according to senior administration officials who briefed members of the press Thursday.

Trump's move was a direct rebuke to Obama, for whom the diplomatic opening with Cuba was a central accomplishment of his presidency. The order would allow continued expenditure linked to operations at the Guantanamo Naval Base against the will of the Cuban people and Government, and would also keep the corresponding funds for the USA embassy in Havana. "While we are reviewing what this policy could mean for this type of travel, we appreciate that the policy appears to allow us to continue to support Airbnb hosts in Cuba who have welcomed travelers from around the world". The reason: those were the visits most ripe for abuse by yanquis hoping to circumvent the law that prohibits USA tourist travel to Cuba.

Americans traveling to Cuba will face more scrutiny and potentially audits of their trip when they get back home in order to prove their dollars didn't go to the Cuban military's pockets, which control much of the tourism economy.

In a statement ahead of Trump's announcement, Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson defended the firm's decision to invest in Cuba. Marco Rubio, both Cuban-American Republicans from South Florida. United States airlines and cruise ships restored service to the communist-run island.

But other advisers have contended that it is important to make good on a promise to Cuban-Americans whose support they considered significant in winning Florida in the 2016 election.

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While early, since President Trump is set to announce more particulars of the policy change tomorrow, Airbnb has come out in opposition to Trump's elimination of people-to-people tourism. Also Trump is likely redefining what it means to be part of the Cuban military, which could affect US companies doing business in Cuba.

Trump will curtail cash flow to the Cuba's communist government in a reversal of some Obama Administration policies to be unveiled Friday in Miami.

The administration wants "to see commercial interaction with Cuba". Instead of considering the best interests of the American and Cuban people, the president has made a political decision to squander jobs, severely restrict travel, and undermine our worldwide standing.

The White House arrived at its new policy after consulting with Congress and numerous Cabinet secretaries, and concerns for human rights were a major factor.

The White House says that the revised regulations will send a strong human rights message to Cuban President Raul Castro, and that the Cuban government will be able to negotiate with Washington to ease regulations should it choose to.

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