Who could fire special counsel Robert Mueller

"I think there's very serious questions about Director Mueller running the special prosecution of the president", Ruddy said Tuesday on MSNBC's "For the Record with Greta Van Susteren".

Could Rosenstein's job also be in jeopardy?

"I regret that I do not", Rosenstein said. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, whether a history of political donations would prohibit someone from being involved in the investigation.

Now Mr. Gingrich has been joined in this chorus by a Trump confidant and golf-buddy, the President of Newsmax, who says the President is contemplating firing Mueller.

"If there were not good cause, it wouldn't matter to me what anybody says". Gingrich noted that at least four members of Mueller's team had donated to Democratic presidential campaigns and groups, saying it's "time to rethink" Mueller's role.

Rosenstein is the only person who can fire Mueller under current Justice Department regulations - though those regulations could theoretically be set aside.

Rosenstein said Trump has not discussed the special counsel with him.

The deputy attorney general, the second-highest official at the Department of Justice, is managing the Russian Federation investigation at the department following attorney general Jeff Sessions's decision to recuse himself.

Under questioning from Sen.

On Tuesday, Rosenstein also indicated his conversations with Sessions prior to Comey's dismissal could be a part of Mueller's probe.

If questions arise about what matters Sessions should stay away from, he said, a career official in Rosenstein's office is consulted.

Rosenstein assured Feinstein the firing of Mueller would not occur without his assent. Solicitor General Robert Bork carried out Nixon's order.

However, another Republican, current House Speaker Paul Ryan, told reporters, "I think in the best case for the president is to be vindicated by allowing this investigation to go on fairly and independently".

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"I think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel", Chris Ruddy told PBS's Judy Woodruff on "PBS NewsHour". Mueller headed the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2001-2013.

"There's a lot of smoke and there's a lot of alarm bells going off", Ryan continued. "I don't give the benefit of the doubt to somebody who could only hire Democrats but claims we ought to trust him".

Even so, Gingrich said, Trump won't seek to dismiss Mueller because he's confident the probe will conclude he's done nothing wrong.

Yet during the hearing, Sen.

"You can raise those concerns" to both Mueller and the DOJ, Rosenstein told Graham.

IT SEEMS unthinkable, but Washington has been abuzz with rumors that President Trump might fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, the man investigating Russia's election-year hacking and any possible Trump campaign collusion.

Mueller was appointed special counsel for the Russian Federation investigation after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey early last month.

The president is reportedly angry about stories about close ties between Mueller and former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey. "I think he is weighing that option".

Donald Trump has laid blame on the Democrats arguing that the investigation is a "witch hunt" and an excuse by his opponents for why they were defeated.

"With respect to this subject, only the president or his attorneys are authorized to comment", Spicer said.

Lawmakers for weeks have demanded answers from Sessions, particularly about meetings he had last summer and fall with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

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