Bill Cosby's sexual assault case ends in mistrial

Bill Cosby's sexual assault case ends in mistrial

Bill Cosby's sexual assault case ends in mistrial

The judge in the criminal case against Cosby in Pennsylvania declared a mistrial on Saturday after jurors said they were deadlocked and unable to reach a unanimous verdict on charges that Cosby sexually assaulted Andrea Constand in 2004.

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Jean Casarez, attorney Brian McMonagle said the jury's inability to reach a verdict made it clear the trial should end.

No one from Cosby's real or TV families was in court Saturday when the case ended in a mistrial.

Cosby's trial started June 5 in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

District Attorney Keven Steele asked a judge Monday to block the release of the names.

Describing the call as "ridiculously creepy", McCloskey said Cosby "called himself a dirty old man to her, the mom". For Constand, the worst-case scenario is that she has spent a decade braving legal scrutiny as a victim for nothing. He said he sees similarities with the Cosby case in terms of public opinion.

Levenson believes the breakdown of the first Cosby jury is important to know, but perhaps not predictive of how the second trial might go. She felt it was her fault for years before other women began sharing similar stories, giving Janice the courage to come forward.

Troiani acknowledged the difficulty of the case, given the passage of time and the impact of the alleged drugging on Constand's ability to recall details.

Cosby's team immediately went on the attack. "If Cosby had testified, I would say that benefits the prosecution, but there's nothing there they can comb through".

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She condemned the district attorney as "heinously and exploitatively ambitious", the judge as "overtly arrogant", lawyers for the accusers as "totally unethical" and "many" in the media as "blatantly vicious". After a preliminary hearing, a judge decided there was enough evidence for him to stand trial. "It has been restored". Prosecutors reopened a criminal investigation and filed charges in 2015 after Cosby's deposition in the woman's 2005 lawsuit was unsealed, and they realized the 12-year statute of limitations for felony sexual assault had not yet expired.

Cosby had once been a beloved comedian, starring in the hit television program The Cosby Show.

Bill Cosby's lawyer is speaking out following Saturday's mistrial. Prosecutors have suggested he might have given her quaaludes, a highly popular party drug in the 1970s that was banned in the 1982.

But the jurors clearly struggled with their verdict, telling the judge on Day 4 they were at impasse. O'Neill instructed them to keep working toward a unanimous decision.

Media organizations including The Associated Press are seeking the jurors' identities.

"She has shown such courage through this, and we are in awe of what she has done", Steele said.

Prosecutors plan to retry Cosby and say releasing the names of the jurors could make it more hard to select an impartial jury in the next trial.

It's possible the next jury could be selected in another county so as not to place too heavy of a burden on Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is located, said Dennis McAndrews, a former Philadelphia-area prosecutor.

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