Indian, three foreign inmates escape from Bali prison: Indonesian police

Indian, three foreign inmates escape from Bali prison: Indonesian police

Indian, three foreign inmates escape from Bali prison: Indonesian police

The others who escaped were Indian, Malaysian and Bulgarian, all convicted of drug trafficking and serving between seven and 14 years in prison, Nainggolan said.

Four prisoners dug their way out of Bali's Kerobokan jail via a tunnel and remain at large.

Four foreigners - including Australian Shaun Edward Davidson - escaped from the prison via a tunnel. "The tunnel is 12 metres (13 yards) long", he said, adding that the police had launched a search and believed the men were still in Bali, the Asian Correspondent reported.

Davidson was jailed for a year last September after he was found guilty of misusing a travel document belonging to someone else.

Pasaribu said he had no idea why Davidson had escaped when he only had 10 weeks of his sentence left to serve."Hopefully we can catch them soon so we can find out the reason why".

Bali Provincial Police Deputy Director for Special Crime, Rudi Setyawan said it was likely that the streets where they emerged were quiet but he hopes someone may have spotted something.

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Davidson, 32, from Subiaco in Perth, was convicted of using another man's passport in Bali.

The four were placed in Kerobokan prison's Block B and Sayed was said to be the last to be seen at around 6.30am.

When Davidson arrived in Bali in January 2015 he said he spent several months just "partying and boxing" before arousing the suspicion of authorities when he signed into a Kuta guest house under a passport with the name Michael John Bayman - claiming the photo was taken when he was "chubby".

The waste tunnel, through which the four prisoners are believed to have escaped, was 15 metres long and half a metre wide. They don't give you any food, they don't give you a bed.

Kerobokan chief warden Tony Nainggolan said prison guards became aware of the escape during a routine inspection on Monday morning. It's pretty hard for some of the locals in there, if they don't have any money, you don't eat.

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