Mueller investigating Jared Kushner's business dealings

That same month, Kushner also met with Sergey Gorkov of Vnesheconombank, a Russian bank that has been accused of being state-owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin's government and is now under USA sanctions.

On Thursday, Kushner's lawyer said any such scrutiny of Kushner's business would be "standard practice".

The special counsel's office did not respond to a request for comment on the report. Other probes of Russia's election interference are being carried out in Congress.

At an off-camera briefing for reporters, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders referred questions about the president's latest tweets to Trump's personal attorney.

Carson was asked if he believed Mueller could be fair following the President's tweets calling the probe into alleged collusion between his campaign and Russian Federation "a witch hunt".

USA officials have also disclosed to The Washington Post that FBI general counsel James A. Baker had advised former FBI director James Comey not to tell Trump that he was under federal investigation.

On Friday, Trump tweeted that he was being "investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!"

At issue are two meetings he had in December, during the Trump administration's transition period: one with Sergey Kislyak, Russia's ambassador to the United States, and the other with Sergey Gorkov, who runs a Russian state-owned bank and is close to Putin. But as the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation grows-expanding to include an inquiry into Trump for potential obstruction of justice-Kushner is being dragged from his position as a silent power behind the throne, into the clamorous, white-hot center of the White House scandal.

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On Thursday, Trump denounced the report that he was being scrutinized for possible obstruction, calling it a "phony story".

Comey testified last week that he also felt pressured to drop the Flynn probe. "Nice", Trump wrote in his first tweet.

The president, for his part, has denied any collusion between members of his campaign and Russian agents looking to interfere with the election.

A member of President Donald Trump's outside legal team is defending Trump's use of social media.

Mueller's team of killers vs. Trump's amateurs?

The White House confirmed on Thursday that Mueller was interviewed - presumably about again running the Federal Bureau of Investigation - the day before he was named as special counsel to investigate Russian meddling in last year's presidential election.

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough thinks White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and chief of staff Reince Preibus are driving some of the leaks that are damaging Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner. The first time he told Trump was in his first meeting with the president before the inauguration on January 6.

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