Philippines military: Drugs found in Marawi

Philippines military: Drugs found in Marawi

Philippines military: Drugs found in Marawi

And even as Duterte vowed to implement martial law like Marcos (the president he admires most), the defense department issued an instruction to the troops enumerating constitutionally prohibited acts. The military believes it's only a matter of time before Marawi City is liberated. Duterte was last seen on public on Sunday, June 11, after visiting soldiers who were injured during the conflict in Marawi City.

When President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo imposed martial law in 2009, the two institutions did as the constitution expected them to do: Congress held a joint session, and the Supreme Court accepted cases, but Arroyo lifted the state of emergency before either institution could formally approve or disapprove of the measure.

A siege of Marawi by the Maute group broke out in late May and prompted Duterte to declare martial law on the entire island of Mindanao - a move that has led to the deaths of at least 310 people.

Abella said this development should put to rest the fears and anxiety of some quarters over martial law.

He said traditional political leaders and the moderates who do not want Marawi turned into a wasteland are desperate to end the crisis but "I am not apologizing for anything there because they brought the problem to themselves".

"The President is talking about the length and breadth and then depth of the efforts to be placed under martial law, especially because his first and last consideration regarding martial law is public safety", he added.

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Padilla said martial law now being implemented has "complete regard for human rights, worldwide humanitarian law, and other protocols that have been established".

Both the secretary of national defense and the armed forces chief of staff took pains to point out that neither of them had recommended martial law.

President Rodrigo Duterte, who launched a ruthless "war on drugs" after coming to power a year ago, has said the Marawi fighters are being financed by drug lords in Mindanao, an island the size of South Korea that has suffered for decades from banditry and insurgencies.

The Philippine military found methamphetamine worth between $2-million (R26-million) and $5-million (R65-million) while clearing rebel positions in besieged Marawi City, officials said on Monday.

Padilla said it would be "foolhardy" to cease the fight against Maute fighters just because the martial law has been revoked, admitting that lifting one-man rule complicates the situation as "the fight becomes increasingly hard".

"The banter was light so he could not have meant that, abuses and all about martial law..."

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