Russian Federation inquiry: I'm under investigation

Russian Federation inquiry: I'm under investigation

Russian Federation inquiry: I'm under investigation

Pres. Trump says being investigated by "man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" "Witch Hunt", he said.

The focus on Rosenstein sharpened Friday because the President attacked the deputy attorney general in a tweet, blaming him for what he terms a "witch hunt".

The preservation order covers any information involving Russian Federation or Ukraine, and records on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, former foreign policy adviser Carter Page, business partner Rick Gates, informal adviser and friend Roger Stone, and Flynn, according to a memo obtained by the Times.

The probe is being led by special counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed by Rosenstein. He has publicly said that he made the decision to fire Comey irrespective of Rosenstein's advice. "That's undemocratic on its face and a blatant violation of the president's oath of office".

In an unusual move, Mr Rosenstein issued a statement on Thursday urging caution about reports based on "unnamed sources".

Yet Trump's angry tweets on Friday underscored the near-impossible challenge his advisers and legal team have in trying to get him to avoid weighing in on an active probe.

Trump's young presidency has been battered by allegations - under investigation both by Congress and the FBI - that Russian Federation interfered to sway the November election in his favor. In a series of tweets on Friday morning the president confirmed that he was being investigated for firing James Comey on May 9th. Americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations.

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The department would not comment on the record on whether Trump, who has repeatedly complained about leaks on the case, requested the statement.

"It's basically all he talks about on the phone", said one adviser.

Sessions learned of the Mueller appointment at about the same time that the press was told, according to people briefed on the matter. What is clear is that he could order the Justice Department to ax Mueller, which may result in Rosenstein's departure and would certainly intensify the uproar over the investigation. Trump initially used that memo along with a recommendation from Sessions to justify firing Comey.

Trump's tweet comes less than a day after a odd statement from a senior official in his administration.

Trump's decision to go after Rosenstein sparked widespread speculation in Washington that he may dismiss the deputy attorney general in yet another attempt to get past the Russian Federation investigation, although the likely effect of such a step would be to ignite a new political firestorm and claims that the President is abusing his power and mounting a coverup. "If the President tries to fire him to diminish or stop this investigation, I would hope that finally there would be a bipartisan uproar against it".

The latest outburst by Mr Trump followed news that vice president Mike Pence has hired a lawyer in connection with the FBI's investigation. An official of Trump's transition confirmed the laywer's internal order sent Thursday. The transition, a nonprofit structurally separate from the Trump campaign, continues to operate with a small staff.

A close Trump associate said this week the president was considering firing Mueller, although the White House later denied it. Pence headed the Trump transition until Inauguration Day. Cohen has worked for Trump since the mid-2000s and was active in the campaign. Trump has already alienated the intelligence community by openly mocking ongoing investigations and by using an appearance at the Central Intelligence Agency to promote his agenda rather than praise agents killed on the job.

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