Severe thunderstorms expected Monday afternoon, evening

Severe thunderstorms expected Monday afternoon, evening

Severe thunderstorms expected Monday afternoon, evening

By Monday evening the activity should start to die down and be out of here by Tuesday morning, taking the humidity with it.

The current forecast puts the showers and thunderstorms in the area after 2 p.m., with storms out of the area by 11 p.m. and showers diminishing overnight. Models suggest the final thunderstorms will exit the coast by around Midnight (give or take).

"Thunderstorms may produce torrential rainfall, which could lead to localized poor drainage flooding", the weather service said. Any storm that develops has the potential to produce damaging winds over 60 miles per hour, flooding rains and unsafe lightning.

Unsafe lightning also is expected, the service said, and tornadoes are a possibility.

With showers and storms training over the same general area Monday afternoon and evening, the threat exists for some street and urban flash flooding.

A flood advisory is in effect in Hartford and Tolland counties until 4 a.m., Tuesday, and the service said up to 1 to 2 inches of rain are likely in many areas between 2-4 p.m., Monday. Low around 69. South wind 6 to 10 miles per hour.

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Hail is formed when a particle of dust gets caught in a strong updraft (upward wind), accumulating ice until it falls from the sky.

A strong front is approaching later in the afternoon, and as it makes its way into the area, storms will fire. Tree damage, scattered power outages, and isolated damage to structures are possible.

The line of storms was in Hagerstown around noon and was quickly moving east. There is even a low risk of a tornado.

Flash flooding is expected.

Weather officials have issued flood warnings for portions of central and northeastern IL following weekend thunderstorms. Do not drive through flooded roadways.

Residents of Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach should contact City Council Member Chaim Deutsch if they see any clogged corner catch-basins, so the Department of Environmental Protection can respond and clear them out. Low clouds and lingering showers are anticipated for a few hours after the front passes, then some clearing is expected late tonight as temperatures drop into the 60s and lower 70s.

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