Terry McAuliffe calls for gun control after baseball shooting

Terry McAuliffe calls for gun control after baseball shooting

Terry McAuliffe calls for gun control after baseball shooting

A year ago, Congress was in a gun control debate after the shooting deaths of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

A police officer on the scene after a gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice on Wednesday.

The governor gave a false statistic that "93 million" die every day due to gun violence, before he corrected himself to say "93 individuals". In fact, they've nearly become normalized in our society. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and lashed out at Republicans who support gun rights.

In a country where there are nearly as many guns as people, gun ownership is fiercely defended by firearms industry lobbyists and Republican politicians, who now control the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House.

In the aftermath of the an attempted mass assassination of GOP congressmen on a baseball field Wednesday morning in Virginia, Capitol Hill buzzed with calls for unity and bipartisan prayers for wounded Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise. Healthcare and rational debate over gun control are for sissies, guns are for big strong men. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said there were too many guns on the streets. And that's not for today's discussion, but it's not just about politicians. 16 American children are shot by American citizens every day.

Representative Chris Collins, a New York Republican, said he now intends to carry a firearm at public events, according to WKBW, a television station that serves Buffalo, New York.

Study Looks Into Child Gun Deaths -- An American Health Crisis
Geographically, the study showed that the most deaths by firearm among children occurred in Louisiana and Washington , DC. In fact, more than 90% of all children ages 14 and up who were killed by guns in high-income countries resided in the US.

"The rhetoric has been outrageous - the finger-pointing, just the tone and the angst and the anger directed at Donald Trump, his supporters".

A reporter asked why he brought it up at all. Nope, the first thought that went through their minds is that they better get the taxpayers to pony up more case for personal security.

U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, a Republican from Rochester, may have fueled that delusion, however inadvertently, when he told a WWJ Newsradio 950 interviewer that the terrifying moments he and two of his MI colleagues spent in the gunman's line of fire had "changed everything as I know it forever". And they'll probably make sure getting struck by a stray bullet counts as a preexisting condition so you can't get treated for it either.

Oftentimes, when a shooter is stopped by a gun, it's at the hands of a member of law enforcement, which is exactly what occurred in Alexandria. The conventional wisdom among liberals is that pro-gun lawmakers reject such preventive measures out of craven obedience to the NRA, whose self-interest in wider gun ownership is self-evident. So much for coming to their senses.

As it appears, many Republicans believe that the answer to curbing gun violence in this country is not to do away with guns, but to get rid of Democrats.

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