Trump attorney says president not under investigation

Trump's statements on Twitter are a sign of his frustration with the Russian Federation allegations, said former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich, on ABC's "This Week".

"Let me be clear - the president's not under investigation, as James Comey said in his testimony, that the president was not the target of investigation on three different occasions", Sekulow said.

"You know, if [Trump]'s not under investigation, why can't [Rod] Rosenstein say it? The tweet from the president was in response to the five anonymous sources purportedly leaking info to the Washington Post". "We've had no indication of that". When Wallace pointed out to Sekulow that he just said Trump is under investigation, the lawyer said Wallace re-phrased him, The New York Post reported.

"Sekulow added that the president has not received any notification that he is being investigated".

"The fact of the matter is the president has not been and is not under investigation", said Jay Sekulow, a lawyer who is part of a team hired by Trump to deal with allegations of collusion by his campaign with Moscow, on CBS´ "Face the Nation".

"Apparently, over and over again Trump is told privately you are not under investigation but nobody will officially admit it".

Rosenstein is the only official who could fire Mueller, because Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously recused himself from the probe into Russian interference in last year's presidential campaign and whether anyone close to Trump colluded with the Russians.

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Trump has hinted that he may have taped conversations with Comey - in which the ex-FBI chief says the president pressured him for his loyalty and on the Russian Federation investigation while also urging him to drop a probe into former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Kushner has been represented on business matters and other issues by Jamie Gorelick.

"Brian, we're friends, and I'm not going to discuss legal advice I have given to my client, the president of the United States", Sekulow responded.

Mueller's probe is in its earliest stages and the idea he had narrowed the investigation down to one person is absurd.

Trump has not backed down from removing Mueller from the investigation, The New York Daily News reported. The denial comes days after Trump appeared to confirm he is being investigated, sending a tweet complaining that he is the target of a "witch hunt".

"Now Mueller faces a huge decision", Thomas said.

The president suggested on Twitter that he may have taped those conversations. According to Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, the president and his legal team are still open to the possibility. The committee also sent a letter to Comey asking for any notes or memos. Schiff said if the panel can't get an answer then he believes a subpoena will be needed.

The FBI "doesn't sit around all day and read tweets", said Rubio, a Republican from Florida who's a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. King said the "collusion, the cooperation aspect of the investigation is not over".

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