Updated Gyms Today, Raiding Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Updated Gyms Today, Raiding Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Updated Gyms Today, Raiding Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Raid events will also occur at gyms, temporarily superseding usual gym shenanigans and sending Pokemon back to their trainers. While this one won't be vastly more powerful than a normal Pokemon, raid bosses will tend to be rare and powerful Pokemon types. Strap yourself in folks; it's going to take a while to cover everything.

While the gym update detailed above is pretty significant in itself, Niantic aren't done with that alone.

The new an improved Gyms will also feature six permanent slots that can be filled by the controlling team's Pokemon. Additionally, opposing teams will now battle Pokemon in the order they were placed in the gym, which adds another layer of strategy and teamwork to gym battles.

Gyms will have a "spinnable photo disc", much like a PokeStop, and spinning this disc or hitting it with a press of the button on your Pokemon Go Plus will give you "unique items" - though Niantic hasn't confirmed what these items will be. The lower a Pokemon's motivation, the lower its CP, which will make it even easier to defeat. Don't worry though, the CP loss is only temporary. Defeating the boss means a chance to catch a powerful Pokemon, and exclusive items like rare sweets, golden razz berries and a fast attack or charged attack technical machine.

Raid Battles will let trainers team up to fight extremely powerful "raid boss" Pokemon. They might not function like badges in the main franchise, but they are still a welcome sight.

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Gym badges are also being added, and will serve as a memento of your battles.

Gyms will be made into a more user-friendly experience encouraging newer more casual players to get involved.

During E3 last week, I got to try out a raid, and while I can see the appeal of endgame content in Pokemon GO, the whole thing was a bit too chaotic for my tastes. Before the battle begins, all Pokemon at the Gym will return to their Trainers and a large Egg will appear on top of the Gym with a countdown timers.

The other, arguably more interesting, addition coming to Pokemon GO is the inclusion of multiplayer raids. You'll need a Raid Pass to be able to take part and you can collect one Raid Pass a day from Gyms. Trainers must then work together to take down the Pokemon; players from all three teams - Instinct, Valor and Mystic - can collaborate on this group effort.

"Pokemon GO" is now available for download on all IOS and Android devices worldwide.

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