It's Too Hot For Some Planes To Fly In Phoenix

It's Too Hot For Some Planes To Fly In Phoenix

It's Too Hot For Some Planes To Fly In Phoenix

More than a dozen flights have been canceled out of Phoenix on Tuesday because of extreme heat.

American Airlines said that the aircraft used by its regional American Eagle brand have a maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees, the Arizona Republic reports.

The temperature in Phoenix, Arizona also touched almost 50 degrees Celsius, . or just 120 degrees Fahrenheit, one of the highest temperatures ever recorded in the city.

The 42-year-old said he'd been playing blackjack in the outdoor pool area at the Flamingo hotel and casino before getting ready to head to the airport.

Arizona Public Service Company, the state's largest electricity provider, says customers set a record peak usage Tuesday as temperatures in Phoenix soared to almost 120 degrees.

Workers at a construction site in a Phoenix suburb huddled under the shade of an excavator during a break.

That was the case in Phoenix on Tuesday, where temperatures were forecast to climb as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Airline officials said both larger Boeing and Airbus aircrafts had higher maximum operating temperatures - 126 degrees and 127 degrees, respectively.

In parts of California, a red flag warning is in effect - the National Weather Service's highest alert for the risk of fire - through Thursday evening.

American warned passengers over the weekend that it may have to ground flights during a heat wave that could send the temperature soaring to near 120 degrees (49 Celsius). The high on Tuesday was 119.

Sacramento, San Jose, Palm Springs, Fresno and Death Valley all set daily highs on Monday.

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Phoenix is the second-fastest warming city in the USA over the past 50 years while Las Vegas comes in at third and Tucson at seventh.

As temperatures increase, more people turn on air conditioners, which use a lot of electricity and can strain the power system.

"If one is familiar with the Arizona heat, one might has the desire to drive with oven mitten", tweeted an Arizonian netizen on Tuesday.

American Airlines and other carriers at Phoenix Sky Harbor are not planning on cancelling any other flights due to heat related reasons this week as temperatures are expected to drop to 116F (47C).

At midnight on Tuesday (US time), the temperature still stood at a near-unbearable 35 degrees and the normally bustling Strip looked like the main street of a ghost town.

And while it's not almost as hot in DFW, the heat will be coming.

The first day of summer brought some of the worst heat the Southwest U.S. has seen in years.

Phoenix-area residents are setting a record demand for energy as scorching temperatures roll though the valley during the week's punishing heat wave.

Most of the nearby cities in the region would face temperature up to 110 degrees, while the problem arises in the places where the temperature is more than 120 degrees, and Phoenix will be the first to face that rage from nature.

People in Phoenix were taking advantage of free elastic booties to put on their pets' paws so they did not burn on concrete and pavement.

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