Government health insurance markets holding up--barely

Even for those who don't think they need health insurance, if they get a serious illness or injury, good luck suddenly getting insurance at all. Ammo's objective was to offer facts on issues critical to working people in a nonpartisan way. His Affordable Care Act set the stage for Trump's intensified offensive on health care, slashing health care costs for corporations and the government while increasing out-of-pocket costs and reducing benefits for tens of millions of workers.

The American labor movement has a special stake in health care.

Ammo went away for a time, but is now coming back.

Republicans who are supposed to represent us are making jobs almost impossible for those working in human services, law enforcement and health care.

I recently read an article stating the Affordable Care Act was failing and the Democrats had no fix for it.

IN residents who purchase individual health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges could see premiums rise next year - or even double in some cases. In this system, insurers would need to dramatically raise deductibles and reduce benefits so the plans could be completely paid for by the tax credits provided in legislation created to replace the Affordable Care Act. We were paying more and more to the insurance company for the "privilege" of paying more out of pocket for our own health care. The bill, which was released with no analysis and no cost estimates, would cut taxes by almost $1 trillion over the next decade, mostly for corporations and the richest families in America.

The health care bill passed by the House of Representatives-known as the AHCA-has a 21% approval rating. Medicaid pays the lion's share of the cost for long-term care.

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What makes this so hypocritical is that the Republicans are remaking the health care industry without proposing a health care bill.

As before, my national organization, the American Psychological Association, has asserted that no health care reform legislation should be passed by Congress unless it would cover at least as many people, with decent, reliable health insurance-including behavioral healthcare services such as mental health and substance use treatment. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that many thousands, unable to afford health insurance, will be killed off before they can begin to collect Medicare benefits, or, if they do manage to survive to age 65, will collect far fewer benefits because they will die an earlier death, their health having been undermined.

The Senate and House bills would eliminate this so-called net investment income tax and make the repeal retroactive to January 1, 2017. President Trump himself called the AHCA a "mean" bill.

Living in West Virginia, perhaps the nation's poorest state, I have also seen the benefits of the ACA's Medicaid expansion since 2014. "This bill could be life or death for many Montanans, as lower-income, rural, older, and sicker Montanans risk losing affordable coverage". And yet, in study after study, the U.S. health care system is ranked as one of the least effective among rich countries. Heller to do the right thing: focus on expanding our current employment-based health insurance system, Medicare and Medicaid, and stop this rush to throw people off of insurance.

If Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare are successful, one of the biggest winners would be the wealthy. They will raise premiums, raise copays and deductibles, cut coverage, drop out of a market or, worst case, shut down in bankruptcy. Ken Janda, CEO of Community Health Choice, a nonprofit health insurer that offers Medicaid and Obamacare plans in the Houston area, came to the Capitol this week to meet with Texas's Republican senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, and another top Republican, Sen.

He and other Democrats say Iowa should take a more aggressive role.

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