Group of Democrats meet behind closed doors to consider ousting Pelosi

Group of Democrats meet behind closed doors to consider ousting Pelosi

Group of Democrats meet behind closed doors to consider ousting Pelosi

For his part, Ryan hasn't said that Pelosi should step down, but he does say he is very concerned about the obvious decline of the Democratic brand.

"She just doesn't help our candidates in those swing districts with independent voters and Republican voters", Vela said on CNN's "Newsroom" Friday.

According to Politico, Democrats met to discuss the future of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi after the disastrous elections many hoped would demonstrate President Donald Trump's weaknesses, but did the opposite instead.

Pelosi's most vocal Democratic critics in recent days consist mainly of members who opposed her bid last year for an eighth two-year term as the party leader in the House.

"We've let people say that Nancy Pelosi is some terrible person for so long without defending her that people started to believe it".

That tactic clearly paid off. Handel was able to defeat Ossoff by almost four points, despite Ossoff's historic fundraising numbers and the additional millions infused into the race by the national Democratic party.

Representative Kathleen Rice from NY claimed that she's been approached by an increasing number of members of the Democratic caucus, telling her that the party needs to move forward with new leadership and without Pelosi. "I think that in certain areas, like in some of these special-election districts, it doesn't benefit our candidates to be tied to her". Similarly, Massachusetts Representative Seth Moulton claimed that the group's ultimate goal would be to, as aforementioned, remove and replace Pelosi as House Minority Leader ahead of next year's midterm elections. But there's a pattern and pace to the democratic process that comes in the form of regularly scheduled national elections, like the one to be held in November 2018.

Democrats and Republicans largely agree that the contest for this seat won't be anywhere near as intense as it had been over the past few months. Trump wrote, referring to Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Democrats hoped that he would do better, based on polls showing Trump's low approval rating (less than 40 percent) among voters in the district.

Meanwhile, the Hill reported activist Michael Moore expressed the anger of many on the left after Democrats spending tens of millions of dollars on the Georgia race, viewing it as a referendum on Trump. "I thrive on competition, and I welcome the discussion", she said. They worked perfectly in Georgia, ' said Gingrich, who used to represent the district in Congress that Ossoff just lost.

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"I don't think anybody's fighting back".

And yet, earlier this week in the face of the Democratic party's special election losses, Pelosi remained outwardly optimistic.

It may not all be Nancy Pelosi's fault.

"I don't know if there is a solution in the short term", Ryan said.

Ossoff's race against Republican Karen Handel was the most expensive House race in history.

"It's a tactic. And it's self-evident", Pelosi said.

US President Donald Trump calls it "bothersome" that the special counsel now overseeing the Russian Federation probe is "good friends" with fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, and says he hinted at having tapes of his private conversations - apparently falsely - to try to influence Comey's eventual testimony.

"My story was always a straight story", says US President Donald Trump.

In Georgia, the Augusta Chronicle endorsed a Republican congressional candidate in the 2006 race, warning a Democratic House would mean "Pelosi will be speaker and her far-left San Francisco values - gay marriage, cutting and running from Iraq, coddling terrorists, raising taxes, amnesty for illegals - will become the House agenda".

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