Senate OKs sanctions bill to punish Russia

Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, ticked off a series of Russian aggressions that he said have gone without retaliation: annexation of Crimea, intervention in Syria, meddling in Ukraine and threatening North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries, as well as the USA election interference.

There is also a provision that would authorize assistance for European nations who are anxious about Russian aggression.

"It's time to respond to Russia's attack on American democracy with strength, with resolve, with common goal, and with action", said Republican Senator John McCain. He's sending a top State Department official, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon, to St. Petersburg on June 23to work through some "irritants".

The Iran bill, including the Russian Federation sanctions amendment, was expected to pass the Senate by Thursday (local time). So the White House would have to reject stricter punishments against Iran, which it favors, in order to derail the parts of the legislation it objects to.

The only senators who voted against the measure were Republicans Rand Paul and Mike Lee.

The new law will be attached to an amendment to a bill which is not similar but involves sanctions on Iran.

Sen. Sherrod Brown of OH, the top Democrat on the Banking Committee, said Trump's failure to act could embolden Russian Federation and lead to interference in future US elections.

The upper chamber of Congress passed the measure 98-2 after approving an amendment a day earlier that added the Russian provisions to the bill.

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Senator Corker's Iran sanctions bill passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in May by a vote of 18 to 3 and now has 60 cosponsors.

The discussions gathered steam late last month after Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who noted that in many ways it was developed "under the radar" because it was bipartisan in nature. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said the plan left him with no good choice. But Corker said his patience ran out after he reviewed classified intelligence that showed "no difference whatsoever" in Russia's behavior, especially in Syria.

President Trump and Moscow have always denied any collusion.

It's not clear what exact changes the White House wants to make to the bill, or that those changes would actually weaken the proposed penalties against Russian Federation, but Senate Democrats have been attempting to sound an alarm over just that possibility. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is conducting a separate probe. Certain Russian industries, like its mining and metals industries, would also be targeted.

The agreement would also establish a process for Congress to review any attempt by Donald Trump to relax, suspend or terminate the sanctions.

Today's vote was the most significant blow the Republican President has received from the Republican Congress.

While Donald Trump seems determined to make America best friends with Russian Federation - handing over top secret intelligence and trying to lift sanctions against the country - a almost united Senate is standing in his way.

"Democrats and Republicans are joining together to warn the president he can not lift sanctions without our approval", the NY senator said.

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