Nevada senator becomes fifth Republican to oppose healthcare bill

Price said on CNN's "State of the Union" that Nevada Sen. Here's Washington Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell.

The draft bill was unveiled on Thursday by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell as the upper chamber's response to the American Health Care Act, the Obamacare repeal legislation passed by the House in May.

Echoing the other four, Heller said he opposes the measure "in this form" but does not rule out backing a version that is changed to his liking.

Nonetheless, Heller's announcement underscores the scant margin of error Republican leaders must deal with.

"I believe that the bill that the Senate will vote on, assuming they get to that point, will have some sort of mechanism to cause participation in it", said former GOP Senate staffer Rodney Whitlock.

So far five Republican senators have announced their opposition.

Trump has endorsed the Senate version of the bill, which isn't as drastic as the House version in some areas. Please tell your senators - no cuts or caps to Medicaid. Dean Heller and Gov. Brian Sandoval might misunderstand the full intentions of the party on health care and issued a broad promise to the country.

Shane Foster, a union sheet metal worker says he's frustrated by the burden of not only the ever-increasing costs of insurance premiums but also his taxes. It would allow insurers to cover fewer benefits and repeal tax boosts on wealthier people that help finance the statute's expanded coverage. And the Senate bill would take more time to phase out the ACA's expansion of Medicaid coverage; despite claims that this represents "heart", it may have less to do with compassion than skewing how the bill is scored by the Congressional Budget Office. That's because proposed changes to Medicaid in the Senate this month will lead to extensive service cuts if they become law.

President Donald Trump made calls to fellow Republicans in the US Senate on Friday to mobilise support for their party's healthcare overhaul while acknowledging the legislation is on a "very, very narrow path" to passage.

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The four Republican holdouts, among the Senate's most conservative members, said the plan did not go far enough in scaling back the federal government's role, highlighting Republicans' struggle to craft legislation to revamp a sector that accounts for one-sixth of the world's largest economy. That program is jointly funded by the states and the federal government. "We're open to negotiation, but we want the bill to look more like a repeal", said Sen.

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On Thursday, Obama weighed in on Facebook, writing: "If there's a chance you might get sick, get old, or start a family - this bill will do you harm".

Already, Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee say the newly released Senate health care plan is dead on arrival, unless they see some major changes.

The health care bill could underscore the perils of the president's poor job approval ratings, which have hovered around 40 percent this year.

"It's hard for me to see the bill passing this week", Collins said.

"If we roll that back at a time when Medicaid has been the largest benefit to getting these folks treatment, we're going to see the number of overdoses, not just in OH, but across the country, they're going to skyrocket".

Under the Senate's bill, titled the Better Care Reconciliation Act, that expansion would be phased out, meaning those who gained coverage through the expansion would be without once again, though they could access coverage through the individual insurance market.

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