DNC Chairman Tom Perez suggests Democrats could 'take 50 seats' in House

Along with earlier wins in Kansas and Montana, Republicans are enjoying a special election sweep in House races over Democrats this year, albeit in Republican hotbeds.

A handful of House Democrats - from Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.) to Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), who Pelosi beat for re-election to her leadership post late a year ago - have raised fears that their party may not be able to win back the House with Pelosi leading the caucus.

JOE CROWLEY: We're disappointed.

Democrats said they had turned a conservative stronghold into a competitive district.

But Murphy also said that Democrats must do more to convince voters they have plans to boost the economy - promoting "economic fairness" rather than broader growth is missing the mark.

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters told reporters aboard Air Force One that Karen Handel's win serves as proof that "the American people are resonating with the president's agenda" and want to see his agenda enacted. That's not a winner's mentality.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) is calling on his fellow Democrats to look to the future and stop dwelling on past losses.

Pelosi says the Democratic base is energized, adding, "We must now put forth our message". The new representative is then given an introduction by a party leader or a member of the state delegation before embarking on a short inaugural speech of her own as loved ones watch from an upstairs viewing gallery.

Democratic Rep. Joe Cunningham of SC lashed out at Pelosi as one of his first moves after declaring his candidacy against GOP Rep. Mark Sanford. "But she certainly is one of the reasons". You're responsible for everything your platoon does or fails to do. "How are we going to get there?" That's the most important part.

China's jailed Nobel Peace laureate granted medical parole
Liu had previously been jailed for two years in the wake of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and the subsequent massacre. In 2008, he helped compose a petition, called " Charter 08 " and later signed by hundreds of scholars and activists.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Ossoff lived and worked with the liberals in Washington.

Pelosi is a prolific fundraiser for her party, and a savvy legislator with few rivals on Capitol Hill when it comes to cutting the deals necessary to keep government in motion.

Nancy Pelosi was a great speaker. And everybody knows where I stand on this.

Less than a month ago, Quinnipiac released the results of a national poll, which included gauging public attitudes on congressional leaders.

BILL PASCRELL: They demonized Nancy in 2010.

"She's easy to demonize". We're used to that.

Expressing a similar view was Rep. Kathleen Rice, who argued that Pelosi should step aside. California Congresswoman Karen Bass says while the Pelosi attack ads might have worked in the traditionally red 6th District of Georgia.

"If we had even a little bit of Democrat support", Trump added, they could cut a deal, but "they just want to obstruct".

Meanwhile, the knives seem to be out for Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who was demonised by the GOP side in the Georgia race. Heading into the 2018 midterm elections they will need to pick up 24 House seats to recapture a House majority next November.

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